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An Overview of Disney’s Fairytale Weddings

By December 6, 2018February 2nd, 2019Marriage By Mail

Welcome, foolish mortals. Engagement season is here, and that means that future brides all over the world are flocking to the Internet to learn about how to have their very own Fairytale Wedding at Walt Disney World. Having worked with so many overseas planners, destination wedding and Disney Weddings couples, we know that there is a lot of confusing information out there. And since we’re constantly getting asked, we figured we’d create a concise, comprehensive overview on Disney’s Fairytale Weddings in Florida.

While doing your research, it’s important to know that Disney offers weddings in Disneyland (California), Aulani (Hawaii), and aboard Disney Cruises – all of which have their own criteria. Here, we’re discussing Disney Fairytale Weddings at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We’ll get into each package and discuss the basics for planning a dream Disney wedding in Orlando. Florida destination wedding travel agents, get those pencils out!

Reserve Your Date

First things first, you need a date. At this very moment, couples from all over the world are booking their Disney weddings so time is of the essence. As you may already know, having a Disney wedding, in itself, has its premium. The key to keeping costs low is to plan. How far ahead you book may determine the wedding package you choose.

Nail Down Your Guest Count

Secondly, as you’re planning your date, you want to think about your guest count. There are three basic Disney Wedding packages, and each is based around your booking window and guest count. We’ll get into each package in a minute but I thought it would be helpful to see the criteria for each package at a glance.


Guest Count: Max. 4
Base Pricing: $35,00
Booking Window: 10 Months max
Minimum Stay: 2 Nights


Guest Count: Max. 18
Base Pricing: $7,000
Booking Window: 10 Months max
Minimum Stay: 4 Nights



Guest Count: Min. 18
Base Pricing: $12,000
Booking Window: 12 Months max
Minimum Stay: N/A